Rope and materials testing center
In our rope and materials testing center we analyse all relevant rope and material properties in order to select the optimum rope and material for your application.


To continual improvement and to be motivated by a genuine interest in the welfare of our customers and employees. Commitments made to customers are sacred and will be met at all costs.

PFEIFER  business is the safety of people! Our customers and our employees, and last but not least, everyone who gets involved with our products and services,directly or indirectly. That is our credo! and our mission.


We serve a wide range of clients, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.

Saudi Wires Company is dedicated to provide a bundle of specialized products and services  to its clients all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ‚ÄčIn Saudi Wires we do not expect profit to be an automatic function of business, but rather the result of the customer's preference to buy from us. As such, we will constantly work to be the best, to satisfy every customer, to listen to our customers, and probe to understand their needs and expectations. We will manage change and treat it as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience.

our strategic partner 



We have a wide range of end terminations for different applications, no mater what kind of end termination you use .If it is not available we can make it for you .


Saudi Wires was founded to fill the gap in the lifting products & services  market .We believe that this sector is under served and we are constantly working to provide best solutions for our clients .



Having the largest engineering and testing facility in the world and developing products for great brands like Liebherr and Terex  gave us a great knowledge in lifting applications. 


We don't just offer quality products and services ,We offer our clients partnership, by which they get cost effective solutions for their consumables .We grantee reduction in spending ,accurate delivery schedule  & flexible payment facilities .